Jake P Design

(Hello ;)

Hi there, I'm Jake. I'm a freelancing web developer and map maker.

If you'd like to work with me, hire me or just comment on my work, please just drop me an email!

What I Do

WordPress Websites

"WordPress is an open-source content management system. Over 35% of the internet is WordPress"

I've made everything from charity websites to art galleries to huge ecommerce sites, just using the power of WordPress and its many themes, plugins and integrations.

Whatever your project, I'd love to hear it. Get in touch and I can show you examples best relevant to what you want to achieve.

Self-Written Websites

Is your project something a little bit weird or different? Sometimes you need the full flexibility only acheivable when you write the page and scripts yourself.

I can write server-side scripts (PHP), client-side and database scripts for you. Get in touch and we can discuss what you want to acheive and how I could do it for you.

Map Work

In 2020, I co-founded wottontrails.co.uk - a community initiative to encourage tourism to our local market town by making the local woods more accessible to walkers of all abilities.

Alongside managing this entire project in its initial phases, I created a brand-new map to demonstrate the walking routes in the forest.

Later, I produced a second map focussing on the local highstreet shops. This was part of a 'sister project' to the Wotton Trails project. You can view an interactive version of the map I produced on their website, wottonhighstreet.co.uk.

If you're organising an event, or starting a new project like these, a well-designed map could be critical to its success. I've produced maps from next to nothing, just by walking the routes on the ground myself. Get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

I Want to Learn

If you're starting a project and need an extra hand, why not get in touch and see if I can help? I'm always looking to learn new skills and I can bring several years of expertise in assisting start-ups and community initatives to help make your project a success.