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Hi there, I'm Jake. I'm a freelancing web developer!

My favourite part of building websites is writing complex, ‘back-end’ solutions using a mix of programming languages (mostly PHP though). I can bring unique solutions using my extensive skills to bring your complex project and ideas to life. Get in touch and we can discuss how your project should work.

I also use WordPress to produce highly functional and professional websites for small businesses and individuals. I’ve worked on everything from charity websites to art galleries to huge ecommerce sites, just using the power of WordPress and its many themes, plugins and integrations. The options for customising this sort of site is basically unlimited and fully up to you! I believe in building sites around you, as a client; throughout the design process, I will consult you for input on layouts, colours and themes to make a website that revolves around you. I want a Website!

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My Solution

“Jake has quickly, professionally and deftly created a new website for me when my old provider went bust. What has been created is slick, professional looking and completely bespoke to my needs with his input to help shape those ideas. A VERY pleased customer.”
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Rob's Problem

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Wotton Trails is a community initiative created by a group of students from KLB School. The original aim was to help local businesses bounce back from the first Coronavirus ‘lockdown’ by creating a new tourist attraction (and create some entertainment for residents at the same time).

The Task

My Solution

What do YOU Need? What do YOU Want?

For most web projects I tend to use an application called WordPress. There’s a few costs involved to begin with, but over the long run, using WordPress is one of the cheapest options available for getting a business online. It has over 50,000 plugins available to allow you to integrate your website with almost any service you use. WordPress brings great security and basic SEO built in.

If you're looking for something a bit more complex and need the functionality only custom scripting can bring then I might be able to help too! Drop me an email (at jake55457@outlook.com) and we can build a project right around your needs.

Also, it's worth noting that you don't need to decide everything at the beginning. Your website should grow as your business grows. Quite often clients decide that they don't need a feature to begin with but change their mind later down the line (This is absolutely fine!).

This is basically the place where your website is stored (including all the art, photos and text on your site).

This is what people will need to type into their browser to visit your site; for example, jake55457.co.uk. The bit on the end (eg .co.uk or .com) is the really crucial bit. Think of it as an postage address that people use to find you online and is unique to your business.

I would work with you to talk styles and colour schemes and then create ‘mockups’ of a website to bring your ideas into reality. I would then construct the site and be available to make tweaks and changes to get it just right for you.

This is the first thing someone sees when they land on your page. We can either build this from nothing or base it on an existing webpage or another site.

This is really neat and will help you to reach out to your customers professionally. For example, info@jake55457.co.uk.

If your business has a physical location (such as a shop) then it's really useful for customers to be able to get directions to you and view your opening hours.

This is perhaps the most important bit if the purpose of your site is to provide a portfolio of your work! The choices for how this works can be unlimited.

I would create a blog page and show you how to add your own blog posts in future and manage your blog over the long run.

WooCommerce is one of the most used plugins on WordPress. It allows you to sell your products online, keep track of stock quantities and process payments securely. On my previous projects over 99% of customers pay with PayPal on site checkouts but there's many other payment options available. WooCommerce can also be integrated with many other extensions to allow you to automate more aspects of your business: everything from posting labels to accountancy!

PayPal is one of the most secure ways to pay online. It allows your customers to either pay with their own account or using their credit/debit card. Lots of businesses are already using PayPal and don't need this set up but if not this is something I can easily do for you.

I would highly recommend getting an SSL Certificate if you're looking to do any sort of online business or communication with customers. This is a digital record that your site is genuine (and not some sort of scam!). If you don’t have one of these, a customer’s browser might say ‘not secure’ at the top and they might be put off placing an order being afraid that their personal data (or payment details) might be leaked in the process of placing their order! Little statistic for you: “84% of shoppers say they’ll abandon placing an order when they see the site is not secure”. As you can see, one of these could be really crucial to your online business’s success! An SSL certificate costs £50 and I would happily purchase and install it for you for free! You don’t have to decide whether you need one at this early stage and might choose not to if you don’t wish to sell online.

Need a little something else? Perhaps something that I've missed from this list or something that's a bit unique?

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